Poetry is finer and more philosophical than history; for poetry expresses the universal, and history only the particular. Aristotle, Poetics  (via words-and-coffee)
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Magdalena Frackowiak in “Last Days in Paris” by Daniella Rech

"5 Superstars" - Vogue Korea August 2014
Candice Swanepoel photographed by Sebastian Kim

Goodmorning NYC. @victoriassecret @paolakudacki 💋

Naomi, Kate & Christy

Suki Waterhouse by Stockton Johnson for Vogue China August 2014

Natasha Poly photographed by Camilla Åkrans for Numéro #72, April 2006


Antonina Vasylchenko 

Go to a coffee shop. Sit by the bar with the glass windows and look out. Look at all the people running to catch a train. All the girls with one too many shopping bags. All the couples too in love to care. Then you’ll see it — a bit of yourself in everyone. And somehow, sitting alone in a coffee shop had never felt so good. Unknown (via al-cyon)

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